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Featured Author

We wish to welcome Norbert Krapf to the Greystone family and announce the publication of his new collection, Catholic Boy Blues: A Poet’s Journal of Healing. Now seventy, Norbert Krapf is a past Indiana Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize nominee, winner of the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, and the author of twenty-five critically acclaimed books. In Catholic Boy Blues he tells the story of his encounter with abuse as a child at the hands of a priest and the long-term effects it has had on him, his family, and his loved ones. He wrote the book in four voices: the boy, the man, the priest, and Mr. Blues.

For almost fifty years, Norbert has had an ongoing love of the blues, held a 2011-12 Creative Renewal Fellowship from the Arts Council of Indianapolis to combine poetry and the blues, and has featured the blues and blues artists in recent books. In Catholic Boy Blues, Mr. Blues plays an important role in several ways, not the least of which is as an agent of healing. He speaks in the blues idiom, in monologs delivered in the voice of a friend, advisor, counselor, and mentor.

In the introduction, theologian Matthew Fox says, “This deep journey into the dark night of the abused soul can prevent further death and lift some of the misery of the horrible experience of child abuse.” Mari Evans, author of I Am a Black Woman, says, “Catholic Boy Blues is a gem.”

For more detailed information on Norbert Krapf and this book, which received an Alpha and Omega Award for Religious Risk as part of the 2013 Indianapolis Spirit and Place Festival, visit http://www.krapfpoetry.com/cbb.html.